Nitrogen tyre inflation gives long-lasting incarnation

Advantage of nitrogen

The primary benefit of nitrogen-filled tyres is reduced tyre pressure and cooling. While normal air contains 78% nitrogen, filling a tyre with only nitrogen aids in pressure retention because its molecules are larger and move slower than compressed air. As a result, nitrogen cannot escape from tyres as quickly as air, allowing them to maintain optimal pressure for longer.

“Nitrogen keeps the tyres in good shape,” says Tupkeshwar Uppal, global head for a well-known tyre company. Customers may be put off by the price, as air is free but nitrogen is not.”


  • To fill car tyres with nitrogen, they must first be
          completely deflated and then inflated with
  • It costs approximately Rs 25 per tyre and should
          be topped up once or twice a month. Some pumps
          provide free nitrogen if you fill your tank.
  • If necessary, you can mix air and nitrogen - top up
          the nitrogen with air if there are no nitrogen
          kiosks nearby and the pressure is low.


  • Because nitrogen is cool, the tyres will not overheat, even when driving long distances.
  • Because there is less leakage than with air, the tyres last longer and the car handles better.
  • Temperature affects tyre pressure. However, with nitrogen, it remains relatively constant.
  • It also aids in fuel economy.
  • Filling nitrogen costs money because most places charge per tyre.
  • Tyres must be deflated the first time nitrogen is filled, which can be time-consuming.
  • Because it is not available everywhere, you may be forced to mix it with air if the low in pressure.
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