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Our design team is a group of experts in form and function and they are key architects behind any brand material that require applied art and design solutions. This can range from exhibition stalls and promotional stands to product display stand, car reverse system display unit that calls for an innovative mechanism or storage solution.

To develop an object or process, our designers take careful consideration of various aspects of the job, including aesthetics and functionality. We also design point-of-sale material, brochures and leaflets stands. In simple terms we take care of both the design and production aspects of any project.

During the design process our design team follows a series of steps.

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Managing


  • Obtaining design brief collaborating with clients to determine design goals.
  • Investigating related topics and familiarizing ourselves with the current trends in the client’s field.
  • Brainstorming, conceptualizing and design ideas.
  • Conceptual sketching, digital renderings.
  • Presentation to client.


  • Development continuation and refinement of a design.
  • Fabrication by highly skilled craftsmen.
  • Applied knowledge of various materials including Steel, Sheet Metal, Wood, MDF, Plastic, ACP, Acrylic, Foam, Fabric, Paint.
  • Exhibit repair and refurbishing.
  • Detailed drawings and documentation.
  • To ensure that your design is executed and implemented to perfection we work with specialist fitters, skilled joiners and metal workers who know the business inside out.


  • Budget planning and forecasting
  • On site supervision
  • Shipping and tracking of components
  • Documentation

Every design job is overseen by our dedicated in-house production manager. With his vast experience he is able to control every aspect of the job and navigate it to successful completion. Our talented in-house team thrives on collaborating with our clients to find imaginative ways to engage with customers and drive commercial success.

So if you’re looking for a pre, during and post campaign integrated with a great exhibition concept then it’ll be worth meeting up to discuss your brief and see how we can help achieve your targets.

Some of our services and products are:

  • Sheet Metal and Stainless Steel Display Stands like Specification, Brochure, Colour Panel, Genuine and Non-Genuine parts Stands, Car Audio demo units etc.
  • In-store Branding and Printing
  • Router and Lazer Cutting
  • Sign Boards
  • Digital/Flatbed and Eco-solvent Printing

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