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We never leave our clients hand on the middle of the way. We believe in completing the task you have assigned us. Many projects, especially with multi-location/retail customers, require enormous kit packing and logistics capabilities. We have the infrastructure and physical space to provide for all of your packing and logistics needs.

We get involved during the Design Phase itself to ensure that Packaging is designed and selected with the 3P’s: in mind:

  • Production: We make sure that the final design can be produced and assembled cost-effectively.
  • Protection: To assure comprehensive quality, we customize our own packaging methods that prevent damage in transit.
  • Presentation: We prepare the kit carefully and make sure that all material should be presented at their most favorable state. We take care of the kits with many different elements that are logically organized and labeled.

The effects of package dimensions and weight on shipping cost are considered, especially with large, bulky signage and displays. We help our clients to lower their costs and improve shipping efficiencies. Our skilled logistics management services team knows how to find the best shipping method to get your goods where they need to go, both expeditiously and economically. Our logistics management services team works with internal account managers and our clients to find money-saving options to complete the final leg of distribution.

We select the most cost-effective shipping methods and carriers based on your delivery & tracking objectives. With our centralized warehouse location in Delhi, we are easily accessed by major trucking arteries heading north, south, east & west and that helps in minimizing freight cost & transit times.