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The backbone of a company is their dealers / retailers, who sell / service your products. They play a pivotal role in helping you build and maintain close relationships with your customers and gain insights into how you can improve products and services to better fill customers’ needs. Marketing materials management is particularly valuable for a company or manufacturer that operates through dealer networks. Yet many companies struggle with cumbersome systems that require multiple suppliers and lack the advanced technologies. The unfortunate result is that dealers and customers often don’t receive the timely information and material they require.

Fast, precise, multi channel fulfillment can make the difference between winning and losing and that is why our Fulfillment services form a key part of our offerings. Creative Shadows features a multi channel fulfillment programs developed specifically for automobile manufacturers and our specialized automotive team can help you develop a complete CRM strategy incorporating customized collaterals for sales / service promotions and POP / POS material.

The corporate office of one of the top car companies having around 250 dealers across India, were facing some challenges in maintaining and catering their dealer network a kit that included several kinds of collaterals for promotions, sample products, product instructions, CDs and DVDs, display or demo materials, Literature Displays stands, Floor Graphics, Counter Mats, Window Decals, Table Tents & Car Toppers, operations, training materials and many more.

Challenges faced by the client:

  • Meet frequent requests for marketing materials. This task typically falls into the lap of the marketing department. Instead of focusing on other important aspects of marketing strategies, a marketer may feel like a fulfillment centre.
  • Involvement of too many outside agencies for the development of different collaterals.
  • Maintain in-house inventory for each item is itself a task.
  • Problem of disarray is there for dealers as too many agencies are involved for different collaterals creating non standardization in products amongst dealers.
  • Due to closure of some agencies data being maintained by these agencies got lost.
  • Due to relocation of some of company staff who were instrumental in the development of particular collateral, link with the agency could not be established resulting in loss of data again.
  • At times, some extra material e.g. Business/Service Flow posters, CRM or HR Literature produced and warehoused by the company as part of ‘Initial Dealer Kit’ for the forthcoming dealers got rejected because of the dynamic changes in the business.

The company tasked us:

  • To develop a program to fully integrate the client into our services model.
  • Prepare ‘Initial Dealer Kit’ for its new dealers to be appointed by the company in future.
  • Fulfill repeat orders for IDK items from all dealers.

How we did it:

We conducted a thorough evaluation of the client’s current situation and streamlined the process for dealer order fulfillment as under:

  • Instead of packing each kit as a custom order, we “version” the kits like Sales / Service Promotions, After Sales, Training, CRM and Parts/Accessory kits.
  • Due to differences in configuration, demographics, location and ownership, each dealer require different combination & quantity of materials. We further packed each version as per requirement of tier I, II and III dealers.
  • Sourced products from existing suppliers but slowly developed most of the products in house reducing lead time and cost.
  • Extensive “pre-work” was done to logically organize and label kit elements.
  • Pre-work assemblies and loose elements are pre-counted to control quantities.
  • A detailed Packing List was enclosed with each shipment.
  • Serialized labels and certificates (each product has a serial number that corresponds to the kits).
  • Managed the entire inventory.

Benefits to our client:

  • Better control on jobs. Concept to production, your job remains under one roof, giving you better control during development process.
  • Increased efficiency. Our dealerCONNECT Program completely removes the daily burden of customizing and fulfilling collateral for dealers, freeing your marketing team to focus on other essential activities.
  • Manage many types of marketing material. Store and manage brochures, flyers, catalogs, stationery, emails, POP/POS materials and more.
  • No more obsolete materials. On-demand customizing and small scale production let your dealers order smaller quantities with the same efficient pricing, eliminating excess collateral inventory.
  • Your creative is in safe hands. We preserve your creative data to facilitate you making any changes at any point of time.
  • Easy for dealer. Making re-ordering process easy by providing dealer ‘’one point contact’’ for any collateral.
  • Standardization. We keep all of your marketing materials completely brand compliant and produce according to brand guidelines so you don’t have to fear about your company’s core branding elements and all your dealers get the same quality material.
  • Peace of mind. As your dealer consume materials, dealerCONNECT keeps a detailed history of all orders, letting you know the consumption pattern.
  • Cost shedding. You save on expenses incurred on inventory management by you.